3x9 Outdoor TruFlame Pillar in Ivory with Optional Remote


The Energizer® TruFlame Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Candle collection will make a great addition to any home or outdoor venue. Each flameless indoor/outdoor candle is coated and made from special materials protecting it from extreme outdoor exposure. The unique drainage system allows pooled rainwater to drain directly through the candle, keeping the candle’s LED and electronics dry.

With a unique flicker pattern that only repeats after 72 hours, these flameless indoor/outdoor candles can go where traditional candles can't and are safe to use around children and pets. The warm-white-colored LED never needs replacing and an on/off push button and convenient 4,6,8 or 10 hour timer are located on the bottom of the candle. The timer turns the candle on at the same time every day for the set number of hours. With an optional 10 function remote control (sold separately) with dimmer and timer settings, these flameless candles are far more sophisticated and realistic than others. The Energizer® TruFlame Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Candle Collection: Safe for Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere.

• Smooth ivory finish that is unscented
• Powered by 2 D Alkaline batteries (not included) that will keep your candles running for 1000+ hours and are easily replaced
•Optional 10 function remote control operation within a 30ft range
• 4, 6, 8, or 10 hour timer automatically turns on every 24 hours
• High-quality paraffin wax surrounding 3 LEDs that never need replacing
• Unique 72-hour flicker pattern that closely mimics the look of a flame in a traditional candle

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